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Liberty Loves

Liberty Loves Lime Zest Grinder 75g

Liberty Loves Lime Zest Grinder 75g

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A world first lime zest mill. 

A local and sustainable, year round substitute to lime juice that reduces waste- garnish food, drinks or use in face masks and scrubs.

Add to sweet or savoury dishes: on seafood, paella, guacamole, baking, cheesecakes, marmalades, pasta dishes, salad dressings, dry meat rubs, marinades, tea blends, Dukkah blends.

Nothing added just dehydrated - 100% natural and not chemically sprayed.

Features a full intensified flavour so you only need to use a little.

Supports Australian Farmers - made from locally sourced, high quality fruits. All within 60kms of the Sunshine Coast kitchen.

Dried Naturally at low temperatures to hold all the goodness (Equivalent to 750g fruit in Grinder - approx. 9 limes).

High quality refillable grinder features a hygienic lid to seal in freshness and keeps out moisture, adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism and easy clean stainless steel finish.

Sunshine Coast based business that supports reducing fruit waste from farm gate to plate.

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