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Loco Love

Loco Love Twin Pack 70g- Almond Caramel Crunch

Loco Love Twin Pack 70g- Almond Caramel Crunch

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Pack includes 2 x Almond Caramel Crunch chocolates.

The salty-sweet, chewy-crunch of toasted tamari almonds folded inside gooey almond butter caramel. Wrapped in dark Peruvian cacao, spiked with ashwagandha, then finished with a light garnish of brilliant blue edible cornflowers.

Features Ashwagandha: Regarded as one of the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic tradition, Ashwagandha is reputed to support stamina, stress relief, immune strength and overall health. An adaptogen, ashwagandha is believed to help the body better respond to stress by building resistance to its effects. Ashwagandha, also known as “Indian ginseng,” may also promote reproductive and respiratory system health, improve muscle strength and blood circulation and assist in achieving a better night’s sleep.

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