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Native Seed Box

Native Seed Box Seed Bomb Collections

Native Seed Box Seed Bomb Collections

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These amazing little boxes will burst into life, making someone’s day.

Australia’s only supplier of gift boxed seed & seedbombs.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow native.

Great gift idea for any nature and wildlife lover.

Choose a box that suits you best:

Native Bird Collection contain specially selected species of Australia’s best low growing and dwarf variety of bird attracting wildflowers and small shrubs. Your garden will be alive with nectar loving honeyeaters, red wattle birds, spinebills, as well as small seed & insect seeking finches and wrens.

Bush Tucker species are great for salads, roasted root vegetable dishes, sweet summer berries and currents, and include native herbs such as thyme, wild jack beans, wild tomato and even breakfast raisins. Everything you need for the full bush tucker experience at home. The Bush Tucker Edible collection has everything you need to experience the interesting practice of smoke and water treating seeds before germination as well as full instruction leaflet.

Wildflower Seed Bombs for Native Pollinators Seed bombs contain specially selected species of Australia’s boldest, brightest and most fragrant flowers from kangaroo paws to the Swan river daisy, billy buttons, pink everlasting daisies and the most eye catching blue lace flowers. They work well in open gardens or in pots, perfect for any sized garden providing much needed food and protection native bees and butterflies. Each Box will cover approx. 3 sq. meters in time or fill out a large pot densely.

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