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Tasman Sea Salt

Tasman Sea Salt With Pepper Berry 80g

Tasman Sea Salt With Pepper Berry 80g

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A 100% natural Tasmanian blend of our natural sea salt flakes with the delicious spicy notes of Tasmanian Pepper Berries.

A versatile mix of Salt and pepper berry that is wonderful with meat and vegetable seasoning or even your chocolate brownie recipe.

A high quality, unrefined and pure sea salt.

Nothing is added and nothing removed except fresh water meaning it is naturally high in trace minerals and nutrients.

Tasman Sea Salt contains just 90% sodium chloride, with the remaining 10% a rich blend of sea minerals essential to human life including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iodine. As a result, it is naturally lower in sodium.

Produced by age old salt harvesting techniques using sustainable solar and thermal energy.

Read more about this great benefits of this salt over Celtic salt on our blog here.

Made in Tasmania, Australia.

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