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Wilson Payne

Wilson Payne Tea Towel Aussie As

Wilson Payne Tea Towel Aussie As

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In Australia, we love the tea towel. We use them, collect them, show them off, and keep them far too long.

Perfect for drying dishes and hands, protecting your picnic from flies and mozzies, and holding hot pots.

Design features 'The Aussie life' - sporty, relaxed, comfy and chill. Mow the lawn, hang out the washing, then fill up the esky and grab a footy to kick with mates. Chuck it in the ute and head for the beach. Welcome to Australia!

Printed full colour.

Playful and unique design.

Functional art- use it or frame it.

Great gift idea that showcases Iconic Australia.

Made from high quality materials.

Proudly Australian Made by Australian Designers.

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